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Miss out on the P80 CL? A big DIY'er and want to do your own grip chop be fear you may mess up your frame? Do you offer Grip chops for your stippling customers?


Our Grip Chop jig is the perfect guide for Polymer80 17 to 19 grip chops. Simply attach both sides around your pf940V2 and ensure it is fully seated on the undercut then screw down. 2 keyways in the jigs allow for perfect and consistent fit everytime. Use whatever method you prefer, a dremel, belt sander, etc to remove the material so the magwell sits flush with the jig and BAM 15 round magazines will now sit and fit flush in your P80 frame!


Use high grit sandpaper to smooth the bottom while still in the jig for clean finished look. After you remove you may need to clean up the edges if you prefer a super clean and finished look.


This tool allows for consistency in frames so you may offer it as a service or just do it for youself and friends!!!


This Product is not compatible with OEM Glock Frames


Kit Includes:

4 x 1/4 - 20 screws and nuts

Left and Right Jig pieces


****We are not responsible for improperly cut or damaged frames****

P80 CL Grip Chop guide (17 to 19)

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